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13 квітня 2011

Заявление Американского Фонда культуры по поводу визита Грега Гуроффа в Киев (коллекция ПлаТар)

As has been reported elsewhere, Greg Guroff spent last weekend in Ukraine at the request of the Minister of Culture and the PlaTar collection. He was there for 4 days and met with representatives of PlaTar, the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, the Ministry of Culture and Hanna German about the ongoing issues related to the simple execution of the original contract. These meetings were productive and we believe everyone shares our interest in continuing the presentation of objects from the Platar collection here in the United States under the original schedule agreed to in the contracts. 

The position of FIAE has not changed on the PlaTar collection and its presentation in the United States. The Foundation and the Lavra signed valid contracts that reflect the entire duration of the exhibition's tour in the United States. The exhibition is not the entire Platar collection, but approximately 300 objects from the collection. So far in Washington, DC and Omaha the exhibition has met with great success (as has the exhibition of icons) and we anticipate similar public reception in Houston and Minneapolis later this year. When the exhibition tour is concluded here in the United States, the objects will be returned to the Ukrainian lenders in Kyiv.

FIAE is proud of the collaboration with the Lavra and the PlaTar collection that has produced two great exhibits of Ukrainian culture in the United States. We continue to focus our efforts on the public presentation of these objects. 

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