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9 листопада 2016

The first Ukrainian book on the origin of Greek civilization

Professor Iurii Mosenkis (Autor).  HELLENIC ORIGIN OF EUROPE: Formation of the Greeks 4600–2600 BC and the first Greek states 2600–1450 BC in Cretan Hieroglyphs and Linear A Script. (Kyiv, 2016)


Professor Iurii Mosenkis, a member of the AEJ, published a new book ‘Hellenic origin of Europe’. The presentation of the book recently took place in the Greek AEJ section, in the Georgian Institute at Athens, and in the literary and cultural community of the Salamin Island. Previous Hellenistic publications of the author were awarded with the Honorary Diploma of the Greek section of UNESCO and the Alexander the Great Gold Medal (Salamin).

Main ideas of the book are:  

Historical memory of the Greeks, preserved by Hesiod, traces to the fifth millennium BC and includes a long time period from the Indo-European unity to the Trojan War;  

The earliest inscriptions, which might be read in Greek, are found in the late Cucuteni-Trypillia culture of Ukraine and Romania and are dated to about 3000 BC;  

The earliest city-state of Troy in West Anatolia (late fourth millennium BC) was found by the Greeks and closely related Paleo-Balkan peoples;  

Cretan Hieroglyphs and Linear Script A (late third – mid-second millennium BC) are Greek sacral scripts; 

The Phaistos Disc is an astronomical instrument for sailors. 


Text in  PDF:

Iurii Mosenkis [ 4262 KB ]



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